Bailey History: Site Development

Bailey of Bristol has recently acquired new land, increasing its operational site area by 40%, to support future expansion plans. In a multi-million pound deal the company has purchased an additional 6 acres adjacent to its existing South Liberty Lane production facility.

The company moved to its current address in 1960 with the initial premises measuring 1.5 acres in size. Since then it has grown in measured fashion putting itself in a position to purchase adjoining parcels of land as and when they have become available, with this latest acquisition taking the total size to 14.5 acres (equating to a tenfold increase).


The newly acquired land is already being used for industrial purposes consequently any future development of this brown field site will have minimal environmental impact. In addition the new boundaries will now allow dual access to the existing Bailey site improving traffic flow and easing local congestion.


As with all of the most efficient manufacturing plants Bailey has been developed on a compact carbon-efficient site. This has promoted the use of mechanisation in the production process plus the reduction in stock holding of components and finished goods, both of which have had a positive impact on the final cost of the caravans.


However this latest acquisition will allow for genuine expansion when the time is right, not only facilitating an increase in the supply of the ever popular Bailey touring caravans but also opening up the opportunity for the company to enter other leisure vehicle markets.