Bailey Today: Design Innovation

Never one to stay still, Bailey has always been an innovator in design. Whether it be through the introduction of new layouts or the development of a new production concept, we always strive to provide our customers with products that represent the very best in leisure vehicle design.

Alu-Tech Bodyshell construction system

The Alu-Tech body shell construction system is the most significant development in leisure vehicle production technology for over thirty years.

After having undertaken the most comprehensive product design programme the industry has ever known, the Bailey development team has produced a construction system that is so unique that it has necessitated the commissioning of over 100 bespoke tools to build it and that features a design so advanced that it has 5 new patents registered. The result is a vehicle that is a triumph of engineering and technological advancement that offers real advantages of ownership.

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Series based product development

Bailey was the first manufacturer to break away from the old-fashioned caravan model year and realign their production and sales years more closely with the pattern of demand in today's market place. Now rather than upgrading their models on a fixed date every twelve months Bailey is more responsive to customer demand and develops its products as and when the market requires. As a result the company has been able to adopt a more focussed approach to product development, by majoring on one range at a time, leading to more meaningful upgrades rather than purely cosmetic changes.

Caravan design projects

As innovators in design, we are always interested in taking on projects which set us new challenges; two examples of which are as follows:-

Caravan of the Future

Bailey was chosen by The Caravan Club to produce a model based on the winning entry from their Caravan of the Future - Design Concept Competition. Involvement in this project has allowed us to push the boundaries in terms of caravanning prototyping and construction techniques. Of particular interest was the opportunity to work with different shapes and materials in the build process. The finished prototype took 1000 man hours to construct and the end result shows what, given the scope, the company is capable of producing.

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My Bailey Van

Bailey has always valued customer feedback and will look to incorporate it as much as possible into its product designs. To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary the company ran the My Bailey Van Design Competition which gave people the opportunity to win a caravan of their own design. In addition giving the winner a fantastic prize this initiative gave Bailey a wealth of information on what Caravanners are looking for in their vehicle. Most notably it was feedback from this competition gave birth to the Senator Series 6 California model which remains the best-selling layout in the portfolio today.

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