Bailey Today: Production Efficiency

Good business practices such as improvements in efficiency and the reduction of waste have been fundamental to the Company's growth over the past decade. By focussing on these areas Bailey has been able to improve the quality and specification of its products without having to inflate retail prices.

State of the art production facility

Bailey has invested in excess of £10 million to create the UK's first fully mechanised production line. The facilitates automatic movement of both caravans and motorhomes throughout the manufacturing process which makes more efficient use of an employee's time as they can concentrate on actually producing vehicles rather than man-handling them around the plant. The result is lower production costs and better value products.

Multi-Skilled salaried workforce

Unusually for the leisure vehicle industry the Bailey workforce is salaried and is not financially incentivised to achieve volume targets (commonly known as 'piece rate' payment). Instead we have developed a team culture that encourages 'ownership' of the production process and encourages participation in the development of our products. This maintains staff morale and motivation, which is why our productivity levels remain the highest in the industry.

The work force is divided into zones and teams with a supervisor to staff ratio of 6:1 throughout the company. Within each team all members can perform all tasks relating to a given section of the production process providing the expertise and flexibility required to manufacture a comprehensive range of sophisticated products.

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Component handling facilities

Following the development of our component handling facilities and the streamlining of our inventory control procedures, Bailey now holds a mere one and a half weeks component stock (equivalent to 225 caravans) at any one time. By keeping our stock levels to a minimum we reduce our business overheads and the costs of our products. This level of efficiency means we turnover our stock 35 times a year when anything over 20 is considered 'world class' and puts us on a par with some the leading global automotive manufacturers and is another reason why our products continue to provide market leading value for money.

Waste Reduction

Under this initiative Bailey now recycles over 50% of its total waste products. Following a £250,000 investment in new waste processing equipment commodities such as timber (in all forms), aluminium, ferrous metal, polystyrene, vinyl, paper, cardboard and plastic film can now be recycled. This not only minimises any negative environmental impact but also has a positive bearing on the overall cost of production. By re-selling many of these recycled commodities we can reduce our overall waste bill which in turn leads to savings that can be passed onto the consumer in the form of better value caravans and motorhomes.