Bailey Today: Technical Excellence

At Bailey we adopt a policy of continuous improvement whereby we are constantly evaluating how and why we do things. In doing so we ensure that we continue to manufacture technically advanced products that combine first class build quality with market leading value for money.

Product validation process

Bailey undertake the most rigorous test regimes in the industry to ensure every element of our product designs is thoroughly evaluated before they are put to use thus giving customers confidence in our standards.

Millbrook Proving Ground

The Millbrook Proving Ground is the first choice test facility for the global automotive industry and consequently it is the obvious venue at which to put our caravan and motorhome prototypes through their paces. Over the past three years Bailey has subjected vehicles to a series of accelerated life and crash simulation tests at Millbrook as well as giving them a thorough examination in their climate control chamber.

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University of Bath

Bailey has been working in partnership with the University of Bath and The Caravan Club to increase understanding into trailer stability. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been commissioned to design and produce a fully adjustable trailer rig where factors such as towball to axle distance, nose weight and total mass can be varied. By adjusting these factors areas such as speed, loading and tow vehicle selection can be analysed. The findings of these studies can be incorporated into future caravan design to enhance road safety.

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The University of Bath have also been involved in a number of other Bailey engineering products most notably the development of the Alu-Tech bodyshell where they acted as general technical consultants as well as conduction a variety of product and component performance tests on the new construction system.

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Tow Car of the Year Competition

Bailey currently supplies the caravans used in The Caravan Club's TowCar of the Year Competition. In total ten different units from the four Bailey ranges are made available for the competition to cater for the widest possible range of tow vehicle. During the test period between 200 and 250 circuits of the Millbrook Proving Ground, featuring a lap of a high speed bowl and a demanding hill route are completed to provide both the car and caravan with the ultimate tow test challenge. Bailey monitors the product performance during and after the event to gain valuable feedback on caravan towing dynamics and structural integrity.

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NCC Approval

All Bailey caravan and motorhome models have been certified by the National Caravan Council for compliance with stringent European Standards, British Legislation and industry set Codes of Practise specifically relating to health and safety issues. The approval process covers the testing and inspection of critical areas of the product from fire safety, weights and dimensions, to gas, electrics and ventilation. The NCC also conducts unannounced inspections at the Bailey factory to ensure continued compliance. NCC Approval gives you peace of mind that your Bailey caravan or motorhome is legal and safe.

European Whole Vehicle Type Approval

All Bailey motorhomes have gained European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. In order to achieve this standard a motorhome must conform to the host of stringent European Directives that govern the design of all road vehicles and the systems they contain. Notably it ensures compliance with strict weight, dimension and safety regulations. Also required is verification that there are Conformity of Production systems in place to ensure all production models continue to comply with all of the necessary legislation.

Traceability Programme

Bailey has made advances in on-line quality control by introducing new bar code technology to monitor the production process. The company electronically records the bar codes of both appliances fitted and the quality sensitive tasks completed on a particular vehicle. The former allows us to identify which component has been installed in which vehicle and the latter to trace any action carried out during the production process back to an individual operator. As a result it is now possible to quickly identify the source of any problems relating to product performance and make the necessary corrective actions in terms of retraining or modification of the production process or component.